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El exito es alcanzado para aquellos que no saben que el fracaso es inevitable. - Coco Chanel ♥

Siempre intento olvidarte, y te vuelvo a encontrar

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Things get damaged, things get broken
i thought we’d manage, but words left unspoken

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Do you think you’ll buy me lots of diamonds?

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"Me dejó con la excusa de que me merecía algo mejor."

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All Black Every Day 
The Top 8 Fall Picks in Fashion’s Favorite Color
With the weather getting a little bit cooler every day, it’s about that time of year to pack up your summer goods and welcome sweater weather! The best thing about fall is digging out a pair of old jeans, pulling on a cozy cardigan and slipping into a new pair of leather boots.
But why black? Notorious for being fashion’s favorite color, we’re thinking of all you minimalists out there. Here’s our top 8 picks.
1) Sam Edelman Franklin Boot

2) Forever 21 Faux Leather & Shearling Moto Jacket (amazing price!)

3) ASOS Sleek Leather Clutch Bag

4) Nasty Gal Playing it Favorites Tee (the trend is go longer in the back)

5) Black Orchid Coated Zipper Skinny Jeans

6) Jeffrey Campbell Dillon Fringe Heel (don’t say we didn’t tell ya, fringe is going to be huge)

7) Burberry Black Round Ceramic Watch

8) ModCloth Stay in Lace Thigh Highs (Hey sexy lady)
See what else is trending for fall fashion on Wantering right here. 


demuestra su poder satanico.


por esto es por lo que yo quiero un zorro *-*

on the wrong day of the wrong week
i used the wrong method with the wrong technique

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Romantiquirri porque shi

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